Richard Rohr says, “We know God by participation in God, not by trying to please God from afar.” I believe that the biggest lie of the enemy and the biggest miss of our current Christian culture is contained in this statement.  We talk about, sing about, study and have created a religion around God but do we experience Him? Do we actually feel and know God in genuine, authentic, real ways?   If we don’t then we only know God as we know a subject of study or a historical figure. This is a far cry from a great and worthy person who we stake our lives on.

This song is a step towards “participation” or an invitation of experience from us to God. It means something when we call God “Abba”. When we declare Him more real than the physical world we interact with on a daily basis.  Listen and allow yourself to just soak in the melody, rhythm and lyrics of the music.

We pray:  Abba, I invite you. The reality of You. Let me experience You in ways that are real and intimate to me.


Read the lyrics below

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What is your takeaway?  

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