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Desire – The Fire Inside

Series: Recovering Desire

In the sci-fi thriller movie The Giver, emotion is seen to be the cause of all terrible things in this world.  Therefore, an injection is given to every person, every morning, to numb all emotion.  The screen color is black and white and gray as if signifying how dull everything is when emotion is deleted from the human experience.  Everyone just goes through life without feeling… until one young man gets curious.  Jonas wonders what it is like to feel and why everyone is trying to stop him from doing so.

Enneagram Nine Letter

Series: The Enneagram Letters

To my Enneagram Nine friends:

I love your heart. You are some of the kindest and most open people on the earth. You make the best of friends and companions. Your kindness makes the world such a better place. The way that you listen, hear the person and see them is so rare. You may not feel like you have a lot to say, but you don’t always need to because your presence is powerful. You heal hurting hearts just by being present and showing up. You create the container and nurturing that the seed of love can grow. I am blown away by your patience with those people and things that inconvenience and interrupt you. You allow space for everyone and everything… what a gift!

Enneagram Eight Letter

Series: The Enneagram Letters

To my Enneagram eight friends:

I love your heart.  Your passion and power is absolutely stunning.  There are few in the world that have the raw energy to move things forward like you.  No one fights for and protects friends and loved ones as fiercely as you.  Being an eight, you don’t mind wading into hip-deep shit to pull someone else out of the quagmire they are stuck in.  Maybe most of all, you are a warrior for truth and justice.  The fiery energy of life churns and rumbles just under the surface ready to consume anything that gets in your way.   Even if you are the only one standing, nothing will knock you down or convince you to concede.  You are the last one holding the battle lines, sword in hand,  battle cry reverberating through the air.

Enneagram Seven Letter

Series: The Enneagram Letters

To my beloved seven brothers and sisters:

I love your heart.  You have an uncanny ability to sniff out fun, play and adventure.  What is already good you want to make great.  What is already fun you want to make delightful.  And if it doesn’t ruin it, you will invite others into this joy as well.  You live life to the full and don’t hold back.  The limitations and considerations that hold others and keep them stuck don’t seem to have the same hold on you.  You see what could be when most others see what is or what was.  You find goodness in the mud, pick it up, wipe it off and hold it close.  Often sevens really do love themselves and can teach others how to do so as well.  There is no secret to what you want or what you are willing to do to get it.