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Love Yourself First

Series: Learning to Love Well

It may surprise you to find that you cannot find the love that you are looking for unless you can first love yourself.  You cannot find the trust, connection, hope, peace and goodness you so long for, unless you can first smile at these things in yourself and see that you are worthy of them. 

This example always helps me.  I don’t know if this has ever happened to you…

Your Love Matters

Series: Learning to Love Well

I sat down to work in the coffee shop like I do most days.  I happened to sit right next to a father emphatically describing and defending to his high school aged daughter why he is divorcing her mother.  Oh, so painful to hear and feel the pain radiating around them.  At one point I felt nudged to pause my music (the magic of air-pod pro headphones) and listen.  What I heard broke my heart.  The daughter said, “I don’t think about my childhood because it is too painful” (yes, she is only in high school)… the father’s response, “I don’t have any good memories of my childhood either.” 


Remember when you were a kid?  All you wanted to do is play.  The only missions in life were getting candy, ice cream and more time to play.  I remember making up games with my sister where we couldn’t touch the floor of our room because it was lava.  Or swinging on the swing tied to the huge tree in the backyard.  I loved playing catch with my dad; mostly frisbee or football.  What did you play when you were a child?