What kind of coaching are you looking for?  Are you looking to grow personally in your spiritual, relationshional and emotional health?  Are you looking to grow and strengthen your marriage; to break out of the unhealthy patterns that have been there for so long?  Are you looking to grow your leadership and team health?


  • Personal Coaching
    • Personal coaching is the most common type of coaching I do.  It starts with where the client is at right now and we go from there.  The coaching direction is developed specifically for the client as we go.  We cover many topics such as: wholehearted living, spiritual formation, strengths, story, healthy emotions, and more.



  • Couples Coaching
    • We work with engaged and married couples to strengthen both people’s individual lives as well as their marriage together.  Wework on clear expectations and communication, empathy and vulnerability, and how to be on the same team, loving each other well.



  • Leadership & Culture Coaching
    • We work with individual leaders and teams in organizations to create team health, clear vision, and a deep connection to the “why”.  We focus on bringing people alive through their passions, desires, strengths and creativity and believe that when people come alive they can live and work healthier creating a healthy and attractive culture.



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