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What is Deeper Coaching?

Deeper Coaching is spiritual and life coaching for those who have it within themselves to become the person that
they want to be, and are looking for help in getting there.

Untitled-1Deeper Coaching is for a person who…6769899-amazing-forest-path

…is doing well in their life but wants to move into more potential

…might be stuck in obstacles and confusion

…is searching for meaning and wholeness

…wants more from life

…desires more clarity in relational, spiritual and emotional matters

…doesn’t necessarily feel the need to see a professional counselor

…needs help working through anxiety, anger, depression and other issues

Coaching Statement

The intent of coaching is to gain clarity in the places you have been confused, connection in the places you have been divided, freedom in the places you have been stuck and confidence to move into your full potential.  You can become the passionate, creative, joyful and strong person you really are.

Using a combination of coaching tools, counseling techniques, spiritual direction and formation and more, we go after your transformation.


More About Coaching

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A Note From Matt Emhoff

I created this process to allow a person to conversationally move through each aspect of interaction with their story.  All I do as a coach is hold a mirror up and allow you to view yourself as you are; with all your pain and beauty. We work together to claim truths and fight lies, find tools and move into healing in the places where obstacles have held you captive.  Coming face to face with yourself can be difficult AND incredibly freeing.  I believe you will find yourself much closer to clarity, self-awareness, healing, maximizing potential, living in the glory of your life and ultimately, the person you want to be as you walk through this process.


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