Core Values (The How)

The container in which we operate.


As a member of the Deeper Ministry community I am committed to…


Cultivate a culture of vulnerability, creativity and joy

I am committed to enriching the Deeper Ministry tribe by embracing both the language and practice of vulnerability, creativity and joy.  In vulnerability, I will show up and allow myself to be seen, known and heard, while creating space for others to do the same.  In creativity, I allow myself to dream big and seek new and innovative possibilities, pushing myself and others towards our full creative potential.  In joy, I will practice the disciplines of gratitude and fun, always looking for more reasons to enjoy and celebrate life.


Offer from a deep well of passion and wisdom

When I give of myself it flows out of a deep and powerful drive of passion, bridled by a matured heart, full of wisdom and discernment.  Drawing from this deep well I can offer the full range of my unique passions, desires, strengths and creativity.  I am a wisdom seeker, always curious, asking and wrestling in the questions; allowing myself to embrace mystery.  I am a continuing student of people and their lives especially seeking to understand how information becomes transformation.


Learn to live lightly and freely

As I discover the rich freedom of living out of my true identity in Christ, I can begin to let go of the ways that I have tried to make life work on my own.  The more I let go of, the more lightly I live.  I no longer need to spend time defending myself or controlling the people and environments around me.  In fact, I enjoy creating space for others to be themselves and allow them to stretch my perspective.  I am responsible for my own internal word, not anyone else’s, therefor I do the work to pursue relational, spiritual and emotional health and leave the rest to God.


Walk intimately with God

The central pursuit of my life is a deep and intimate relationship with God.  I live out of the abundance of my Father’s good heart, never out of scarcity or entitlement.  When offering to others I am joining in the work that he is already doing. So, I listen and watch for him waiting for him to move.  I rely on His power and His grace, learning to relax into the flow of the Trinity.