What is Deeper Coaching?

Deeper Coaching is a spiritual and life coaching ministry that offers coaching to individuals, couples and teams.  The intent of coaching is to gain clarity in the places you have been confused, connection in the places you have been divided, freedom in the places you have been stuck and confidence to move into your full potential.

Why Matt?

I am just a regular guy.  I do not try to be anything I am not.  I love helping people, marriages and groups thrive in their own lives and environments.

I am a student of transformation.  “How does information become transformation?” is one of the main questions I am always asking.  I got my undergrad in Psychology and my Masters in Counseling chasing after this very question.  I have studied counseling techniques, human and group behavior, emotional health, spiritual direction and formation, and intercessory and healing prayer.

The place I have found the most profound answers is in my life.  Through my struggles with anxiety and lack of confidence and many other things I have found gold underneath.  I have also found that it is the same with anyone, if you dig deep enough you will hit gold.


Who is Deeper Coaching for?


Deeper Coaching is for a person who…

…is doing well in their life but wants to move into more potential

…might be stuck in obstacles and confusion

Deeper Coaching is for a marriage that…

…has lost its passion and purpose

…desires to grow in communication, connection and understanding each other

Deeper Coaching is for a leader that…

…wants to develop their strengths and talents

…may feel lost or stuck in the weight of responsibility

Deeper Coaching is for a team that…

…needs help developing communication, trust and respect

…is willing to enter into the next steps of creating a thriving culture





My life is busy. Too busy in fact. Rushing from task to task, kid to kid, job to job, rarely taking a moment to ask “why”? My coaching time with Matt is my time to stop and ask “why”.  In my heart I knew I needed this time and yes it’s a sacrifice that sometimes feels like a luxury, but now that I’ve been doing these sessions with Matt for a while I can see how this time has slowly become vital to my emotional and spiritual health.  Matt asks all the right questions; not condemning or presumptive, just loving and direct.  He helps me get to the core of issues I raise, then sets me on a path toward a resolution or sometimes simply offers to walk with me through the storm.  If you’re looking for someone who has a knack for seeing past the obvious, has a deep understanding of topics that face all people, and is emotionally supportive and spiritually gifted, I recommend Matt’s and his coaching through Deeper Ministries.  -Jason



The Interpreting Story Process

Share Your Story

Sharing your story is about bringing your current and historical narrative into the light in a safe environment.

Own Your Story

Owning your story is about getting curious about the truth of your story and facing that reality honestly.

Wrestle with Your Story

Wrestling with your story is about noticing obstacles, both past and present, and learning the tools necessary to face them.

Heal in Your Story

Healing in your story is about learning to love yourself and receive love from others in the midst of your story

Live the Glory of Your Story

Living the glory of your story is about realizing the strength and beauty of your life and learning the tools necessary to live it out.


A Note From Matt Emhoff

I created this process to allow a person to conversationally move through each aspect of interaction with their story.  All I do as a coach is hold a mirror up and allow you to view yourself as you are; with all your pain and beauty. We work together to claim truths and fight lies, find tools and move into healing in the places where obstacles have held you captive.  Coming face to face with yourself can be difficult AND incredibly freeing.  I believe you will find yourself much closer to clarity, self-awareness, healing, maximizing potential, living in the glory of your life and ultimately, the person you want to be as you walk through this process.



To schedule your free initial meeting  please call Matt Emhoff at 734.904.4687 or email at matt@deeperministry.com.



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