Chapter 3 in Fathered By God


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What We Were Meant For

August gets estranged from his parents when he is a baby and spends his whole life trying to find them.  In this scene he finally finds his dad but does not know it is him.  This is the kind of interaction we were intended to have with our Beloved Father.


What did you notice?  Write down some notes in your journal.

Who Cries for the Little Boy in You?

What does this video bring up in you?  Read the words below and write a few personal reactions in your journal.

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Write Your Story

Take some time and write out your story from boyhood, highlighting the main events, good and bad.  Where did you live?  What was your family like?  Start with your earliest memories and go to about age 13.  One of the things on the Trail Markers page that we want to accomplish is to have our whole story written out by the end of the expedition.  This is the beginning of your story.


Key Points
This stage is wounded when: The world a boy grows up in is not safe. When the boy is made to grow up too soon. When there is a loss of innocence.   When a boy does not know he is the Beloved Son.
The Enemy’s central purpose is to separate us from our Father.
When our hearts break, especially when we are young, there is a part of us that remains stuck at that age.
No matter how old we are, our true Father wants us to experience being his Beloved Sons.
The heart of a boy can be ressurected no matter what our age now.



(Respond personally to each question in your journal)

How were you wounded in the stage of boyhood?
What words describe your boyhood wounds? (Cut short, missed, unfinished, assaulted, hidden, alone)
What lies were attached to these wounds?
How did your wounds change your boyhood, world and life?
How do these wounds still affect you today?
Can you think of places in your life that you feel young? Do you understand that this is because part of you still is a boy?
What is your response to the phrase “God is willing and able to heal these wounds”.
What walls would you have to allow to crumble to invite and receive God’s healing?
In response to the way your wound was given, which one of these options is most needed for the boy in you?  Why?[embeddoc url=”” width=”75%” viewer=”microsoft”]
How can you allow the joys of boyhood back into your adult life? (Adventure, wonder, openness, acting goofy, no judgements)



(Find space to be alone with God and invite him into your wounds and pain.  He desires to heal us, we just have to invite him.)

Pastor Greg Boyd reveals some of his own childhood wounds and how he has sought healing from God.  Allow this video to prepare you to walk through healing for your own wounds.



Take your time walking with God through this healing prayer.  Pause between the different parts to actually listen to God.  Be gentle with your young heart.  Jesus we invite you to lead the way here.

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There will probably be more work to be done for your young heart to heal.  Be aware of moments where God will bring things to the surface that he wants to work with.  I would suggest coming back to this prayer, or something like it, over and over again when God brings these things up.

You may want to move right into worship to allow your heart to rest and recover after this healing time.



(Take time for a personal worship time during this week)

Just soak in these worship songs.  Allow yourself to rest.

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What Did You Learn

Try to synthesize everything that you learned down to a few main points by revisiting your notes from each section.  Pay special attention to the “Key Points” section.