Chapter 4 in Fathered By God


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October Sky

Homer Hickem is a boy who loves space and rockets.  He has a dream to build rockets but his father despises this dream.  It is painful to watch the strain between father and son as Homer is trying to navigate his teenage years.  Did you have any dreams that were squashed when you were that age?  Write a few things in your journal.


In another Killing Lions video episode John and the boys talk about what happens when we face adversity.

Real Life

In this audio Matt Emhoff shares some of my thoughts and stories about what it was like for him to be a young man.  Some of the wounds and places that were missed as well as some of the healing that has begun.


As we did in the boyhood stage, we want to write out our story.  What was it like for you as a teenager?  Where did you live?  What were your dreams?  What was your first job, car, girlfriend like?  What were the defining moments for you?


Key Points
The cowboy heart is wounded if: he is never allowed adventure, if no one helps interpret life, if there is no hard work, or if work is overwhelming.
When we are wounded in this stage we: strive to create a comfortable life, are constantly trying to prove ourselves, get stuck in small adventures, or never mature into a settled confidence.
You have a strength and it is needed. The enemy fears this strength and itries to get you to believe that you do not have what it takes so you do not offer.
You were meant to experience young adulthood as a training circle, with God as the master, training and maturing you into a man that can handle power and offer to others



(Respond personally to each question in your journal)

In what ways were you wounded in your cowboy stage?
How do these wounds affect you today? Are there any examples from this list that you relate to?[embeddoc url=”” height=”350px” viewer=”microsoft”]
Does this list help you understand other men in your life better?
Where do you go to answer the question, “Do I have what it takes?” Adventure, work, a woman, what other people say, perfectionism, driveness.
If you have not had an interpreter, what have you done with your failures? Any from this list?[embeddoc url=”” height=”350px” viewer=”microsoft”]
Is your Christianity epic?     Is your life epic?
If you don’t believe that you are a part of a bigger, epic story you will never realize how needed your strength really is. In what ways can you start offering your strength that you have been holding back in?
Many times there are situations in our lives that we interpret as uncomfortable and so we try to avoid them at all costs. What are some situations in your life that may be reinterpreted as training from God?
Are you willing to learn from God now, the things you missed as a cowboy? What might this look like in your daily life?



(Find space to be alone with God and invite him in to heal your wounded heart.  You may want to bring your journal to capture what He says)

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(Take time to talk to your ally face to face or over the phone about these questions)

Share with your ally what your coyboy stage was like.
What are your three biggest takeaways from this chapter?
Did God speak to you at all in your solitude? What did he say? What did you notice about yourself in solitude?



(Take time for a personal worship time during this week)

Take time to just relax and enjoy this video knowing that God will NEVER give up on you no matter what.  He is always pursuing you and always drawing you closer to himself.


Will Reagan leads worship in a house full of high school and college age people.  Imagine you are in that room with them and allow your heart to worship.



What Did You Learn

Try to synthesize everything that you learned down to a few main points by revisiting your notes from each section.  Pay special attention to the “Key Points” section.