Welcome!  We are so glad you made it.  I hope you find this expedition to be refreshing, wonderful_mountain_ridge_trail_in_portugal-1460768connecting and transforming.

Starting on the Masculine Journey Expedition page, go to the Trail Markers Page.  This gives a list of the goals that we believe can be achieved in this expedition.  This is incredibly important for you to read and come back to frequently so that you are staying on track with these goals.  Throughout the expedition we will facilitate the movement towards these goals.  The intention is that, at the end of the four months, we will be able to have a deeper/broader understanding and ability in each of these areas and more tools for your spiritual journey.

Next take a look at the Disciplines page.  This will explain the disciplines that you will be putting into practice and the reasons behind them.  Our hope is that by giving a little bit of background it helps you live them out.

Go to the Coaching page.  This will give you an overall view of how the coaching will work and also give each months questions and expectations for the coaching sessions.

Now you are ready to enter into the weekly assignments.  Each week your assignments will be found on the Masculine Journey Expedition page.  Find the dates and chapter of the current week and open that page.  The first one is called Masculine Journey.

Start at the top of the page and work your way down.

The first section is the “Intro” section.  This will give many different resources such as video clips, blogs, stories, podcasts and more.  You may be prompted to respond in your journal or just think about the resources.  The purpose of this section is to cast a wide net, gathering many sources that all speak to the same themes.  This can be helpful relating to the material and processing.

Next is the “Key Points” section and this is just a reminder of what the chapter was getting at.  Please read through it again to be reminded and refreshed and also to notice what you may have missed.

The “Journal” section is a list of questions intended to be answered in your journal.  This will really help you connect personally and at a heart level to the content.  There is no rule about how much you have to write.  Just take your time with each question and respect yourself and the process enough not to rush.

Solitude” gives a few questions to consider in alone time with God.  These questions are a suggestion; if there are other things that you discuss with God that is great!  The encouragement is to find a place that is quiet and a time that is uninterrupted and spend it with God.  Another encouragement is to start out with the intentionality of just being with God, instead of trying to accomplish something.  See where that takes you.  There is no time constraint, but again, discipline yourself to stay with it for a half hour or more.

The “Allies” section gives suggestions to think about for what you might discuss with your allies in relation to this theme.  You will be expected to meet (Face to face or over the phone) at least every other week.

The “worship” brings you through a personal worship time sitting right here in front of your computer or mobile device.  As always, start at the top of the section and work your way down as each worship item builds on the last.  The intent with this is that you would connect deeply with God in worship and reap the benefit of being filled by him.

What Did You Learn” is pretty self explanatory.  It is an opportunity to capture what you learned and noticed in a simplified version.  This can sometimes reveal things that you didn’t notice before, it will be something you can remember and be reminded of throughout your day and it will help you be able to share what is on your heart and mind.