Chapter 9 in Fathered By God


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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty is just a regular guy that finds out that his life is really a wild journey, filled with risk and adventure.  In this journey he finds himself.  I hope that as you have gone through this expedition you are realizing that your life is a journey and opportunities of risk and adventures are everywhere.  As you go you will find yourself and God.

Daily Reading

One great intentional rhythm to put into your life is to read a daily reading from a reliable old-book-hd-wallpaper-download-old-book-images-freetransformational organization or person.  Here are a couple of my favorites that you can have emailed to you every day by subscribing at these links.

Henri Nouwen

Richard Rohr

My Utmost for His Highest

Ransomed Heart

Read this daily reading from Ransomed Heart about being intentional.

Intentionally Holding on to the Truth

 Be Intentional

Watch this interview with the old sage Dallas Willard and hear his wisdom on intentional daily rhythms.



No Shortcutschained-path-to-the-top-of-grosser-maythen-mountain-hdr-315682

Another blog from Morgan hits me right between the eyes.  Notice how you look for shortcuts in life as you read this.  No Shortcuts


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 Key Points
We must always return to our bedrock: we are God’s beloved sons.
The healing of the masculine soul is intimate connection with our Father. To experience God as our loving father over and over again.
We must learn to trust that God is playful and desires joy for us.
We have got to recover the wildness of spirituality, especially masculine spirituality.
To be intentional we must put ourselves in situations that will thrust us forward in our journeys.



(Respond personally to each question in your journal)

What are your assumptions about God’s genrosity towards you? How does this affect your trust in him?
How has God been generous towards you lately?
The enemy’s assult is usually against our joy.   Have you been able to identify the assults of the enemy as you have gone through this process?
How has your desire and understanding of intimacy with God changed throughout this process?
If you have a group of men that you meet with regularly, how can you inentionally encourage the group in their masculine journey?
What needs to be added to your rhythms of life to stimulate more connection with God?
As a cowboy, warrior, love or king, what can you offer to others?
How will you prevent your routine from numbing your heart and soul this year?
What is your next move in your masculine journey?



(Find space to be alone with God and ask him these questions.  You may want to bring your journal to capture what He says)

Father, I desire to experience the reality of you as a loving father. Will you do that for me right now?
Father, what is the next step in my masculine journey? Where do I go from here.
As I reflect on this process, what is it that you want me to take with me?



(Take time to talk to your ally face to face or over the phone about these questions)

Talk to your ally about the Journey to Freedom process in general. What are some of the biggest takeaways for you?
Where do you feel like you are headed from here? What is your next step in your masculine journey?



(Take time for a personal worship time during this week)

In a quiet setting, view this video with your hands open as we surrender and center ourselves before God.


Watch this same video again in the same posture, but this time read the prayer out loud.

Watch this video and use your imagination to picture what the lyrics are describing.


Read the lyrics aloud in first person.

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Did anything jump out at you?  A phrase or word?  An image?  What was your reaction.  Write down a few things in your journal.


What Did You Learn

Try to synthesize everything that you learned down to a few main points by revisiting your notes from each section.  Pay special attention to the “Key Points” section.

Write a quick response to this week in the comment section below.