Trail Markers PDF


Masculine Journey as a Trail Map

The masculine journey as laid out by John Eldredge is a very useful tool that gives us categories to think and operate in.  It gives us a way to talk about our individual journeys in a way we can all relate to.  We will be able to see more clearly what our hearts need in each stage, what we miss and what we receive and the impacts that those things have.

At the end of this expedition you will be able to both operate and communicate within the stages of the masculine journey.



To learn what is most true about yourself, God and the world is how we orient ourselves.  Without this understanding we are afloat in a leaking boat without a paddle.  This orientation will give us the information we need to see what God is doing in our lives and make good decisions to move towards it.

At the end of this expedition you will have a better view of:

–       God’s role in your life

–       God’s plan for your training as a man

–       What your role is in this plan

–       What other peoples’ roles are

–       How the world around you affects this process


God as Guide

We often times think of God as a goal to get to, and people, practices and things as a means to get there.  This is a false understanding.  God is fully accessible to us now.  God offers himself to us as a guide, a father and a master teacher at this very moment.  We just have to be available for him to guide, to father and to teach.  When we do this we develop the relationship that we were meant to have with Him and the fruit that overflows is the healing, restoration and freedom that we have wanted so badly all along.

At the end of this expedition you will have grown in your interaction and connection to God as a guide, a father and a master teacher and will have the tools to keep growing.


My Story In Six Acts

We all have a story and it matters.  Our story is the path we have been on and why we have ended up where we are now. It is vitally important to the spiritual life because it is what gives us clarity into both the brokenness and glory of our past.  Only then can we invite Jesus in for healing and continue what He has already started.  To hide your story is to stay stuck in the same place you have always been but to share your story is the first step towards transformation.

At the end of this expedition you will have your story written out in six acts and have told your story to others.


Masculine Rituals

It is essential that we are a part of rituals that speak to our masculinity.  Both in solitude with God and a community of men, we share and grow our masculinity when it is called out.  These types of events also help us connect the wildness and strength with which God made us and the spiritual life that he calls us to live.

At the end of this expedition you will have the tools necessary to be intentional about the masculine rituals in your life and the lives of other men and boys.


Strength Offered

At the end of the day to gain strength without offering is useless.  What we want to do is find healing, restoration and freedom for ourselves and then be able to offer the same to those who we influence.  Power held on behalf of others is strength indeed.

At the end of this expedition you will not only have gained strength and clarity for your own journey but also learn how to offer it to others.


Where I Am Now

We are all at different places in the journey even if we are in the same stage as someone else.  The nice thing is that it comes to us one piece at a time.  As we move through this expedition we will explore our past and inform our future but we will also consider the place that we are currently at.

At the end of this expedition you will gain clarity towards the place of life that you are currently in, what is needed and how to move forward.