Chapter 8 in Fathered By God


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Mask of Zorro

It seems fitting as we wind down this expedition that this clip is shown again, now looking at it from the sage perspective.  How does the older, wiser Zorro offer to the younger Zorro?

The Legend of Bagger Vance

In this story, Junuh, a young golfing champion is beat up by life.  Notice how Bagger Vance, played by Will Smith, offers not information, but whatever it is that Junuh needs to hear at that point in life.



Often we do not think about God as smart or wise.  This is devastating to our relationship and trust in God to be our sage and Father.  Read Dallas Willard’s blog here.


Spiritual Teachers

Read these quotes from Richard Rohr about spiritual teachers and sages and notice your own reactions.

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Your Story

If you are currently in the Sage stage, write about what it has been like for you.  If you are not yet in that stage, write about how God has been preparing you for that stage and where you think you might be headed.


Key Points
Too many men do not offer out of experience and trials, but only out of theory and speculation.
The sage communes with God, first and foremost.
Whatever counsel the sage offers, it is about drawing you closer to God and away from self-reliance.
The sage offers the gift of his presence for those who are willing to have eyes to see and ears to hear.
The sage is undeveloped when they have not had a sage of their own, always take the easiest route possible or refuse to take note of the journey they have had.



(Respond personally to each question in your journal)

Who are the sages that God has brought into your life over the years? Have you listened to them?
Why are there so few sages?
What do you hope or picture yourself doing with the last years of your life?
On what subjects do you present yourself as a sage but really lack the experience of a true sage?
Related to the things of God, what have you learned through experience, time and trials?
Younger men: How does it feel that your greatest time of influence may be decades away?
Older men: How will you/have you handled your kingdom shrinking?
Do you strive to be an expert or a sage? An expert is all about control and a sage is about surrender to God.
Do you invite God into your everyday decisions? Into offering advice to others? What would that look like?
When you offer advice, opinion or counsel, is it with humility, tenderness, graciousness and compassion?
Are there sages in your life that you have been ignoring? What would it look like to sit at their feet and ask questions?
How has the sage stage been wounded in you? Do any of these situations apply to you? [embeddoc url=”” height=”300px” viewer=”microsoft”]



(Find space to be alone with God and ask him these questions.  You may want to bring your journal to capture what He says)

Father, how are you preparing me now to be a sage?
Father, what should I be doing now to offer the wisdom I have gained over the years to others, that I have not already?
Father, how do I develop the type of intimate relationship with you that a sage would have?



(Take time to talk to your ally face to face or over the phone about these questions)

Share some God-given wisdom that you have earned through experience and trials. Practice doing this keeping your connection with God in mind; asking him what to say and how to say it, drawing the other person closer to Him.
Share how you feel like God is/has preparing you to be a sage.



(Take time for a personal worship time during this week)

Watch this rendition of the old hymn In Christ Alone  and allow it to draw you close to God.


Now take some time to reflect on the lyrics.  What jumps out at you?  Why?  Use these words to express how you feel towards Jesus.[embeddoc url=”” height=”300px” viewer=”microsoft”]


What Did You Learn

Try to synthesize everything that you learned down to a few main points by revisiting your notes from each section.  Pay special attention to the “Key Points” section.

Take a moment to write a quick response to this week below in the comments section.