Chapter 5 in Fathered By God


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Tuvia and his brothers are forced into the forest by the Nazi’s.  Outnumbered and outgunned, they end up leading a thousand people in resistance against the enemy.  What do you notice in this video?

The Gospel According to the Navy SEALs

I wasn’t doing well at all.

On a human level, the equation for “make life work” seemed pretty simple. And I couldn’t believe how much I was blowing it.  In reality, I had fallen under the spell that Chesterton NavySEALscalls the great calamity of the riddle of the earth:  I had forgotten who I was and the story in which I truly live.

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Listen to this podcast by John Eldredge about spiritual warfare and how it is missing in the current Christian culture.  How do we enter into the fight?  Listen



Another resource that you can get from Ransomed Heart that is more extensive about 978-1-933207-37-7warfare is called BATTLE TO FIGHT – SPIRITUAL WARFARE FOR MEN on the Ransomed Heart website.


Key Points
The warrior is settled in his identity as the beloved son, trained as a cowboy and now takes his place where his strength is needed most.
God is a warrior, mighty and terrible and we are made in His image.
There are certain things in life worth fighting for.
The warrior learns to yield to nothing. Not killing his heart, but protecting it and fighting for the hearts of others.
You have a warrior heart within you.
We are desperate for good kings and great causes to fight for.



(Respond personally to each question in your journal)

In what ways did aggression come out in you when you were young? How was this interpreted?
What assumptions have you made about aggression and being a Christian man?
Do you see God as a warrior?   Why or why not?
What are the things that rouse the warrior in you?
Are things in your life that you wished you had of faught for? What are they and why didn’t you?
A king is an older man who has influence that has taken an interest in you and works with you to offer your strength. This can look like a mentor, coach, boss, dad, friend, etc. Do you have a good king in your life?
Every warrior needs a good cause to fight for. Do you have a cause that you fight for? If not, is there something that you would like to fight for?
What is your initial reaction to the idea of spiritual warfare? Why?
We live in a world at war. Do you live as if this were true? If not, how do you live?
Every decision we make towards God and towards out true hearts is pushing forward the Kingdom of God and pushing back the kingdom of darkness. What is your reaction to this statement?
Do you see passivity in yourself? In what ways? How has this passivity hurt others?
Where in your life is God calling you to stop being passive and start fighting to bring more good?



(Find space to be alone with God and ask him these questions.  You may want to bring your journal to capture what He says)

Father, do you see me as a warrior? In what ways?
Father, show me who you really are. Are you a great and powerful warrior? Please show me how you have faught for me over the years of my life.
Make up your own question to ask God. It doesn’t have to be related to this subject, just whatever is one your heart.



(Take time to talk to your ally face to face or over the phone about these questions)

The next time you meet with your ally use the time to share your story with them so far. You have written about your life as the boy and the cowboy. You can just read what you wrote or tell them like a story. Telling our story is an important step in the process even though it may feel vulnerable. Telling our stories is one of the main goals listen in the Trail Markers page.



(Take time for a personal worship time during this week)


Read through these lyrics outloud as if you are speaking to God (and you are speaking to God).

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Sometimes we forget how powerful God is.  He is powerful and is constantly fighting for us; to rescue us and set us free.



What Did You Learn

Try to synthesize everything that you learned down to a few main points by revisiting your notes from each section.  Pay special attention to the “Key Points” section.

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