Waking the Dead Expedition Trail Markers                                                 

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Context Orientation

It seems that often, in life, we feel like we have walked into a movie half way through. We see the characters interacting and situations unfolding but do not understand the plot or the context. We need to gain clarity about the backdrop of our lives. What is the greater story in which our lives are playing out in everyday?

At the end of this expedition you will have gained clarity about the backdrop of your life. You will have more tools to live in this world at war and learn to receive God’s pursuit of your heart.


Our Good Heart

Henri Nouwen says, “Our greatest temptation is self-rejection.” We give into the temptation to place a low value on who we are because of how we have failed. When we do this we miss the goodness and glory of our hearts and ignore the reality that God is transforming us into the men that He created us to be. In fact, when we criticize ourselves and accept shame, we are criticizing the Artist that created us and dismissing His work.

At the end of this expedition you will understand more fully the goodness of your own heart and the glory that is waking up inside of you. You will be given the opportunity to live more out of this good heart and step into this glory.


Walking with God

We cannot possibly have enough answers or wisdom to make all the right choices in life. We need a Master, One who knows the way. We need to learn to walk with God, hear His voice and follow Him.

At the end of this expedition you will have learned to listen more intently and follow more willingly the voice and movements of God.


Intimate Counsel

In the wake of our stories we have left shame, false beliefs, wounds and other damage to our hearts. Left hidden, they just fester and continue to affect our everyday lives in negative ways. We can go to God for help in unraveling the confused paths of our stories and embracing and inviting truth in those areas.

At the end of this expedition you will have uncovered more of your story and learned to invite truth.


Deep Restoration

The healing power of God, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, is available to us. Wherever the light of God touches darkness flees and things that were broken come back together. In the painful and shameful places in our lives we can invite Jesus to be present and actually heal and change what the affect has been of these things.

At the end of this expedition you will have learned how to invite God to heal your brokenness.



We have an enemy who is committed to our desolation. If he can take us out then he mars a piece of the glory of God. We must resist, we must break agreements and recognize attempts at agreements from the enemy.

At the end of this expedition you will have more tools and training to be aware, resist and break agreements.



All the information in the expedition is good, AND it is just information until it becomes transformation. The chance to live the four streams out and apply these rhythms to your life is what Journey to Freedom is all about.

At the end of this expedition you will have been given many opportunities to apply concepts and rhythms of the Kingdom life. It will then be up to you to continue.