Psalm 91

One of my favorite verses to meditate on is Psalm 91. It is an incredible insight into the power and protection of God. I forget so often that God even exists, let alone is at work, protecting me and moving me forward. I need so many reminders throughout my day that God does exist and God has my best in mind.

When I forget that God is available it only leaves me, orphaned again, to fend for myself.  So, I go about trying to pose, posture, puff up or shrink down, doing whatever I think I have to do to make life okay again.  Rarely does this actually achieve the safety I am striving for and it completely misses the invitation to “spend the night in the shadow of Shaddai (The All-Sufficient One)”.

The invitation is offered now.

As you enter into meditation:
Notice your breathing, your body, your surroundings.  Take a few deep breathes and become present to the moment. Notice any tense parts of your body.  Release your clenched jaw, relax your tight shoulders, etc.  Just be quiet for a moment.  Now read through Psalm 91.
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Psalm 91 Meditation


Now read through it again but pause after each description and allow God to paint a picture in your mind.


Read through it a final time but this time as a prayer (below).  As you read, think about speaking these words in the context of a personal declaration of a covenant with God.
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What is your takeaway?  

Leave a reply so we can bless each other.  Thanks.

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