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We all deal with shame.  We may not name it as such, but it is there; eating away at us, fighting to gain full reign over our core identity.  We may do something that we feel is a “stupid thing to do” but what shame does is it covertly moves its way to “I am stupid”, there for gaining a foothold over our core identity.  When we agree to that identity we start living out of that identity.  Day after day this becomes a pattern until we forget that we might be anything different, in fact, we forget the origin of the shame but just live in its entrapment until the pattern is broken.  Unfortunately, often the patterns are not broken and we become only a shadow of what God intended us to be.

In our discussion on Shame & Vulnerability we are trying to unpack this shame we live in, why it is there, where it comes from and how to get out of it.  The beginning of this journey to freedom is walking in vulnerability.  We are discussing what the Bible says about vulnerability, why our culture hates it so much, how to live a life of vulnerability and much more.



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