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Your story matters. It tells you where you’ve been, what you are up against, why you are stuck and where you are headed. When we remain unaware of our story we remain stuck in the old and often negative patterns of the past.  Dan Allender says…


The Deeper Story Session is a full day, face-to-face session that allows you to finally honor your journey, find healing for the wounds of the past and be set up to begin living free. How will you write the next chapters?
Here are some benefits of the STORY SESSION:
  • Find new awareness about yourself
  • Heal the wounds of the past
  • Find freedom in the places you have been stuck
  • Discover what you are up against and how to move through it
  • Your True Self is hidden in your story and is waiting for you to come find it
Schedule your STORY SESSION today!

Interpreting Story Process

We use the Interpreting Story Process to conversationally and organically work through your story.  You will have space to tell your story, own your story, wrestle in your story, heal in your story and live the glory of your story.

The Interpreting Story Process

Share Your Story

Sharing your story is about bringing your current and historical narrative into the light in a safe environment.

Own Your Story

Owning your story is about getting curious about the truth of your story and facing that reality honestly.

Wrestle with Your Story

Wrestling with your story is about noticing obstacles, both past and present, and learning the tools necessary to face them.

Heal in Your Story

Healing in your story is about learning to love yourself and receive love from others in the midst of your story

Live the Glory of Your Story

Living the glory of your story is about realizing the strength and beauty of your life and learning the tools necessary to live it out.

Schedule your STORY SESSION today!

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