Psalm 91

One of my favorite verses to meditate on is Psalm 91. It is an incredible insight into the power and protection of God. I forget so often that God even exists, let alone is at work, protecting me and moving me forward. I need so many reminders throughout my day that God does exist and God has my best in mind.

When I forget that God is available it only leaves me, orphaned again, to fend for myself.  So, I go about trying to pose, posture, puff up or shrink down, doing whatever I think I have to do to make life okay again.  Rarely does this actually achieve the safety I am striving for and it completely misses the invitation to “spend the night in the shadow of Shaddai (The All-Sufficient One)”.

The invitation is offered now.

As you enter into meditation:
Notice your breathing, your body, your surroundings.  Take a few deep breathes and become present to the moment. Notice any tense parts of your body.  Release your clenched jaw, relax your tight shoulders, etc.  Just be quiet for a moment.  Now read through Psalm 91.
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Psalm 91 Meditation


Now read through it again but pause after each description and allow God to paint a picture in your mind.


Read through it a final time but this time as a prayer (below).  As you read, think about speaking these words in the context of a personal declaration of a covenant with God.
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What is your takeaway?  

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Sometimes I lose my wonder. Especially when I am trying to make something happen or control something. I want a God and a Christianity that I can understand and, if I am honest, that I can control. The reality is that God and Christianity are mystery. I can either embrace the mystery and lose some understanding or look for understanding and lose mystery.


In our culture we are taught to always be thinking and moving to master whatever concept, situation or person is before us. God teaches us to be vulnerable open to the invitation to someone that is bigger than us, smarter than us and utterly beyond us.


Can we be like a little child and not worry our reactions and status but be utterly overtaken?


Can you describe your reaction to God as: being in wonder, being mystified, staring at the beauty, fascinated? What would it look like for you to be in a space of wonder and fascination like a little child with God?




What is your takeaway?  

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Richard Rohr says, “We know God by participation in God, not by trying to please God from afar.” I believe that the biggest lie of the enemy and the biggest miss of our current Christian culture is contained in this statement.  We talk about, sing about, study and have created a religion around God but do we experience Him? Do we actually feel and know God in genuine, authentic, real ways?   If we don’t then we only know God as we know a subject of study or a historical figure. This is a far cry from a great and worthy person who we stake our lives on.

This song is a step towards “participation” or an invitation of experience from us to God. It means something when we call God “Abba”. When we declare Him more real than the physical world we interact with on a daily basis.  Listen and allow yourself to just soak in the melody, rhythm and lyrics of the music.

We pray:  Abba, I invite you. The reality of You. Let me experience You in ways that are real and intimate to me.


Read the lyrics below

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What is your takeaway?  

Leave a reply so we can bless each other.  Thanks.