This prayer is intended to be prayed often as we often need to recalibrate our right relationship with God.  We get lost and confused along the way in our sin, brokenness and posing.  We need to let go of our own way and invite God back onto the throne of our lives.  As you pray, fill in the blanks with all of your personal things that you need to lay down.  This is the first movement towards God: choosing against all the other things vying for our attention and choosing God as our one and only.

Turning Around Prayer                                                                                               Download/Print


God, here I am.  Receive me as I receive you and all that you have for me.

I ask now that you would reveal to me and strip from me all that stands between you and I.  I lay it all down at your feet


I lay down all of my brokenness…

… give up to God all of the specific ways you are wounded and how that has affected you recently



I lay down all of my sin

… give up to God all of the ways you have chosen against his will and intentions




I lay down all of my posing

… give up to God all the specific ways you have been faking or hiding to make yourself look better



I lay down all of the limits I put on God

… give up to God all the beliefs and ideas that make it hard for God move closer to you



I renounce these things.  I confess them and disclaim them.  I ask forgiveness for them.  I release them and all the emotions that go with them to you and you alone.  I repent.  I turn from all these things.  I ask for the healing, restoration and freedom that can only come from you God.  I walk with You into new life.  A new way to think, believe, act, and feel.  Life and life to the full.  Jesus, fill me and lead me.

I love you and receive your love for me.