Victim Mindset


Series: Take Back Authority Over Your Life

Often, when we talk about authority or control, it conjures up images of power gone wrong, pride or doing life “in our own strength”.  There is also a good control; an authority that we have over ourselves; over our minds, hearts, bodies and journey.  We don’t control outcomes or even circumstances, but we do have choices in how we respond.  This is important to understand because we have a part to play.  God is training and teaching us how to be the people he created us to be.  The only way we can mature in these ways is by making decisions and learning how to navigate the struggles and victories.  If we only ever deferred to God or others we would never grow.

There is part of us that just wants answers.  Someone telling us what to do or even doing it for us would be easier than having to make decisions ourselves.  We are easily convinced to see the world through a victim mindset.  “I am not in control, I don’t have choices and everything just happens to me.”  This is not growing.  This is not maturing.  This is staying stuck.

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When we own our behavior, thoughts, emotions and journey then the failures are ours along with the successes.   The discomfort is real, but so is the courage, vulnerability, perseverance and deepening friendships that we earn through every step.

Take back authority over your life: by owning your stuff and learning from the mistakes instead of avoiding them


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