Sometimes I lose my wonder. Especially when I am trying to make something happen or control something. I want a God and a Christianity that I can understand and, if I am honest, that I can control. The reality is that God and Christianity are mystery. I can either embrace the mystery and lose some understanding or look for understanding and lose mystery.


In our culture we are taught to always be thinking and moving to master whatever concept, situation or person is before us. God teaches us to be vulnerable open to the invitation to someone that is bigger than us, smarter than us and utterly beyond us.


Can we be like a little child and not worry our reactions and status but be utterly overtaken?


Can you describe your reaction to God as: being in wonder, being mystified, staring at the beauty, fascinated? What would it look like for you to be in a space of wonder and fascination like a little child with God?




What is your takeaway?  

Leave a reply so we can bless each other.  Thanks.

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